5 Instagram Beauty Hacks, tried and tested. Does it really works?

Hello Everybody!

I wanted to give you all a little update about my blog posts. Since I post two days a week that is Tuesday and Friday, I will be doing a hack post or any tips and tricks post may it be skincare, makeup or beauty  on Tuesdays and on Fridays I will be posting about makeup reviews, new buys and hauls and other stuffs.

So getting back to the actual post of today, I will be sharing with you guys the beauty hacks that we all come across whenever the explore button gets clicked on Instagram. I bet there is most probably hundreds of beauty hack videos out there done by all the divas of Instagram. I saw a video of contouring the cheekbones with a spoon, doing color correcting with a red lipstick and using a microfiber sock to apply foundation. So I went ahead and searched some beauty hack myself and tried it out. So read on below to see that if all of these hacks actually works in real life or not.


Beauty Hack #1

So the first beauty hack is actually a hack that’s all over the internet be it instagram, snapchat, pinterest , youtube you name it and its there. The hack is baking your face with a baby powder and I have seen so many videos on this and wanted to test it out by myself and see how well it works and if I could actually replace my translucent powder with an extremely cheap dupe.

It can be quite tricky to bake your face with the baby powder as it tends to go like everywhere so all you need to do is first put on your concealer under your eyes and take a slight bit of baby powder in the palm of your hands and dip the beauty blender into the powder. Lightly patting the powder in the areas where you applied the concealer and keeping the powder in place for about 10 minutes or so and then dusting it off with a big fluffy brush. This can be also done under your contour just to make it look a bit more sharp.This hack I would say definitely works so well. It made no creases under the eyes, generally I bake with my L.A girl translucent powder and it sometimes creases just a bit but with this baby powder it works wonder.It does not even give any white cast and is very finely milled. But baking with a baby powder can be messy  sometimes especially if we are running late but with that price tag, it definitely can be ignored.

I would certainly give this hack a big thumbs up as it works very very well for me and I would surely replace it with my translucent powder.



Beauty Hack #2

The second hack is actually a very weird hack which is using a Vaseline to highlight the face for a “No makeup makeup look”. As I saw this hack I instantly wanted to try it out because the girl in the video was looking absolutely flawless we all know highlighters aren’t really pocket-friendly.

So taking a very tiny amount of Vaseline and rubbing it on the high points of my cheeks, bridge of my nose and all the areas where I usually highlight. Honestly I did not like how my skin was looking after applying it but nonetheless I kept it as I wanted to test it out for a whole day. After 5 hours straight my face wasn’t looking as I was expecting it to look like. The foundation mixed in with the Vaseline and my skin was basically looking super oily. This hack failed on me and did not work as I thought it would. I don’t really know if this hack is going to work for dry skin since I have a combination to oily skin. But I will again give this a try in winters and update this post if it works But as for now a Vaseline as a Highlighter did not work well for me.

I would give this hack a thumbs down as it failed me miserably.


Beauty Hack #3

Well moving onto the next hack, it is about making you own DIY bb cream. I was intrigued by the idea of making your own bb cream. I definitely made my own tinted moisturizer which I still use by the way but it never crossed my mind that we can even make our own bb cream and customize it according to our skin types.

All you need for this DIY is a foundation which is of a medium coverage, a sunscreen, a primer, a moisturizer and an empty tub. Taking 5-6 pumps of your foundation in the tub and mixing with one pump of moisturizer, two pumps of primer and one pump of your sunscreen. This DIY bb creams works like any other bb creams in the market but it is actually a lot cool because you can customize it according to your needs, for example if you have really dry skin and you want your bb cream to be more moisturizing then you can go ahead and put 2-3 pumps of moisturizer in your bb  cream and it will do the job for you. Likewise if you want a sheer to light coverage you can choose a light coverage foundation as your base for the bb cream.

This hack works amazingly and I would give two big thumbs up for this.


Beauty Hack #4

This hack is again a baby powder hack for voluminous lashes. Since I don’t really apply falsies everyday so I was super excited to try this hack out.

For this hack first just coat your lashes with a mascara like we usually do and then put some baby powder to mascara wand. What this does is it makes the leftover mascara in the wand more thick in texture and when it it applied to our lashes it makes them look voluminous. This hack certainly works very well but maybe I won’t be using it often because when I do my makeup on an everyday basis its usually very quick and simple. But definitely I will use this hack sometimes when I have plenty of time to get ready.

I would certainly give this hack a thumbs up as it works really well.


Beauty Hack #5

The last hack is bronzing or contouring your face using a lipstick. Honestly this hack is something that I did not find in Instagram, Youtube or any other social media. Actually I came across this hack when I was travelling and left my contour/bronzer at home. And by the time I realized it I had already put on a good amount of foundation, so I was searching like crazy through my travel bag to find my bronzer as I basically seem to look like a porcelain doll with out any contour or bronzer. I know we can bronze up the face even with a brown eyeshadow but at that time I did not have any neutrals eye palette, all I had was a shimmery eyeshadow palette with lots of pinks and greys. The only brown thing I had in my bag was an Oriflame’s brown lipstick which wasn’t matte so with it I drew lines on my face like I usually do with a contour stick and blended it with a buffing brush. Believe me when I say this, this hack works like a dream I was so shocked to actually see that it works. Of-course this has to be set with a powder in or else it won’t really stay in place. But using a sheen lipstick as a bronzer worked well and gave the most natural luminous glow as if I was that sun-kissed in real life. I use the same lipstick everyday to bronze up my skin and set it right off with a bronzing powder.

I would without any doubt give this a big thumbs up as because I love using lipsticks as a bronzer and it can be used for a no makeup makeup look, for an everyday look and even for glam looks.


Coming to the end of this post I really had fun doing it and trying out some beauty hacks by myself. Overall I liked all of the above hacks except hack no 2 which was really weird of all. Share your thoughts down below if you had tried any of the above hacks or if you know any weird beauty hacks. I would love to hear your ideas.

Thank you for taking your time to read my post.

Love, Arnakshi!

33 thoughts on “5 Instagram Beauty Hacks, tried and tested. Does it really works?

  1. MyStyleInsideOut says:

    This is such a fun post! But the Vaseline to me was a 👎🏻 even before I read your thoughts.. Haha there’s no way it will be a highlighter hack not unless you add a little bit of shimmer or mix with a tinted product or shine from oiliness..haha Great post girl.👍🏻😍

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