My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look and the products used.

Hello Everybody!

Actually this post wasn’t really pre-planned, I just came up with it yesterday. Since this No Makeup Makeup Look trend is everywhere around these days, so I thought of writing a post about it and mentioning the products I use to get this look. I have been wearing this look for a couple of days now and honestly it takes only about 5 mins to get ready which is what we all want on our lazy morning days. So everyone’s preference of a no makeup makeup look is different, some people like to emphasize the eyes some likes to perfect their skin , well this is my own version of the no makeup makeup look. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

The following are the steps/products that has been used by me to get a natural dewy no makeup makeup look.

Sunscreen- The first thing that I like to do is to put on a matte sunscreen all over my face. I particularly like the Lotus Sunscreen in tinted form with a spf of 40, this sunscreen has some kind of orange tint to it which somewhat helps to lighten my pigmented areas and I don’t have to put any color corrector underneath my base. Its very important to put light layers of each of the base products or else it tends to get caked up giving a very unnatural look, which is the last thing that we want when we are going for a fresh natural look.

BB Cream- The next step of this look is using a bb cream as because bb creams are very lightweight compared to foundations and remember to always go for a dewy base rather than the matte ones. I am currently loving the Ponds BB Cream which has a spf of 30, this bb cream is very lightweight , gives decent amount of coverage and also gives a very natural dewy look when applied with a beauty sponge. Using a sponge for the base tends to give more natural look than using a brush. In this step I skipped the concealer because I wanted to go for the undone natural look and concealer is just going to perfect everything so I altogether skipped it.

Bronzer and Highlighter- For bronzer I am using the Makeup Revolution Bronzer palette and going for the last two shades as a bronzer and a highlighter. The bronzer I am using is very light for my skin tone with a luminous glow and applied it with a very light hand. And as for the highlighter I applied it with a fluffy brush. The texture of this highlighter is not very intense which is perfect for a natural look. I did not use any blush but you can certainly go for one with a dewy tint to it.


Products used to achieve the No-Makeup Makeup look

Brows- For brows I used the Maybelline Satin Pencil, instead of a pomade. This brow pencil has two ends to it, one with the actual pencil and one containing a powder to fill in the sparse areas. For the natural undone brows I just filled in my brows using the powder end instead of lining it with the pencil.

Eyes- In this look I did not use any eyeshadow or liner instead went for a Mascara and just an eye kohl to tight-line my upper waterline so that it gives a fuller look to my lashes. And for mascara I used a Korean Mascara from 3 Concept Eyes. This mascara in particular was gifted to me by my friend. Korean Beauty products are still not very popular here in India. I did not apply the mascara from the roots, but only to the tips of my lashes.

Tinted Lip Balm or Chapstick- For lips I applied the Maybelline Baby lips in tinted form. You can also go for a chapstick or a very sheer pink toned lipstick which will do the same exact job like the lip tint or you can opt for a natural ombre lips


So here’s my finished look. I hope you guys liked the post. This look is something that can be worn during any season may it be fall, winter, summer or any other season. I tried doing this look so many times before but I always did it wrong and went for layers of makeup making it look un-natural. The key to achieve this look is putting very light layers of makeup and not going with a heavy hand.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post.

Love, Arnakshi!

47 thoughts on “My ‘No Makeup’ Makeup Look and the products used.

  1. Krista says:

    Nice post! I’ve never really focused on putting sunscreen on pre-makeup but it’s a great idea! I also think you did a great job with making your eyebrows look natural and full but not painted on as seems to be the trend.

    Liked by 1 person

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