My Night Skincare Routine

Hello Everyone.

In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing with you my night skincare routine and all the steps that I do to achieve a clear and a healthy skin as far as possible. And to be honest my skin care routine changes along with what my skin needs. It totally depends on how my skin feels and what my skin condition is and according to that I choose my skincare products. Nighttime skincare routine is as equally important as a daytime skincare routine. Our skin gets exposed to various harmful elements during the day which results in the damage of the skin and also pre-mature aging. Basically nigh-time is for repairing and rebuilding, and daytime is all about protecting. So establishing a night skincare routine will allow the skin to breathe, heal , rejuvenate and maintain the healthy young glow.So. lets begin!


Removing My Makeup

Before starting my night time skin care routine I always make sure to take my makeup off and then go will all the steps. It is very important to take our makeup off before going to bed as because it can cause pre-mature aging and also our skin may break out due to all the chemicals present in our makeup. I particularly like to take my makeup off with some makeup cleansing wipes as because it is very easy then facial cleansers. Even on days when I don’t wear makeup I always do this step and cleanse any dirt off from my face before we move on to exfoliating.

Cleansing The Face Thoroughly

To remove any leftover residue and also our dead skin cells it is important to cleanse the face thoroughly using a scrub or a cleanser. I like to use an exfoliating brush and a mild cleanser, the exfoliating brush really helps to open up our pores and clean them thoroughly and the bristles of these brushes penetrate deeper into the skin. I personally like to use the dove facial cleanser with a cleansing brush. As fall is around the corner I like to use a moisture like cleanser with very mild properties as my face is getting to the dryer side where hydration is really necessary.

Applying Face Masks.

If you’re just the moisturizer kind of person then you are all set with your skin care routine. But I personally like to apply face masks after exfoliating my face. The face mask that I normally reach for is the Biotique Whitening and De-pigmentation Face Mask, this face mask look and feel like a clarifying mud mask and it has got a very pink-salmon tone to it. This face mask when applied gives a very tingling sensation to the skin and somehow I fell like scratching my face, but that happens with all the face mask that I apply. I have been using this for 6 months now and certainly getting good results. My skin tone has improved and also it helped in removing my tan, blemishes and my pigmented areas.

Applying an Eye Cream.

I never ever skip to apply my under eye cream may it be in my morning skin care routine or night. Sometimes it may seem silly to apply an under eye cream when one can already apply a moisturizer for the whole face but it is very much important to apply an eye cream in order to avoid wrinkles or pre aging as because that area tends to age quickly than the rest of our face as it is more fragile and more prone to dryness. I use the VLCC Under eye defense cream, this creams keeps my under eye area hydrated and also my eye bags tends to disappear after applying this cream. It does not reduce my dark circle though which I don’t really mind as because I normally don’t have much dark circles under my eyes.

Massaging the face with a Facial Oil

Rather than just applying a moisturizer I like to give my face a good massage with a facial oil as because it can penetrate deep into the skin and keep any toxins out. Facial oils are said to be moisturizing goddess and I truly believe that, these oils if used regularly can give a clear skin and a healthy glow. I like to use an argan oil in my everyday skin care routine as it has many many benefits not only for our skin but hair too.

If sometimes I feel too lazy to do my regular skincare routine then I would just use my facial wipes to clean up the face, a sheet mask to rejuvenate the skin and a moisturizer to hydrate and soften the skin.


So. that was my simple night time skincare routine. As I said earlier that I tend to change my skin care routine according to my skin needs. If I have any break outs or any blemishes I like to switch the Argan Oil with my Bodyshop Tea Tree Oil as this oil helps to remove blemished areas and also any acne. It is very important to choose skincare products according to what our skin needs and understanding the condition of our skin. I hope you all enjoy reading this post today. Comment below what’s your skin care routine. I would love to hear them

Love, Arnakshi!



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