The Benefits of Shaving your Face and how I do it.

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Well,by reading the title of this post it may sound a bit weird and you may be wondering like really girl, do you shave your face? And my answer is YES I do. To some people this may sound something completely new or astonishing but there are many people like me who follow this method to remove facial hairs. There are so many myths relating to this topic, so today in this post , I am going to go through all the benefits of shaving your face, how I do it and also clear out the myths regarding it. Continue reading

Makeup Revolution ~Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette ~Review and Swatches

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In today’s post I will be sharing with you my opinions on the Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless eyeshadow and swatches. Makeup Revolution is a very well know drugstore brand that has amazing products at affordable prices. I have been loving Makeup Revolution Palettes nowadays and have been using them a lot. The colors in this palette looked so beautiful that I had to get it and also I am so much into neutral makeup look these days which temped me to buy this more. Continue reading

Lakme 9 to 5 CC Cream Review and Swatches

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Recently I went on a shopping spree and bought quite a lot of makeup items which reminds me of doing a makeup haul post, but as of now I will be reviewing the Lakme 9 to 5 Complexion Care Cream which is one of the haul items. Originally CC means color correcting but Lakme here changed it to complexion care cream which acts more like a tinted moisturizer. This cream comes with two different shades , one is Beige which will suit fair to medium skin tones and another is Bronze which will suit darker skin tones. So read down below to find whether it was a hit or a miss. Continue reading

Nivea Soft Light Moisturizer Review

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So summer is officially hitting hard in India and the journey to glowy youthful skin can be a pricey one! So today i will be reviewing the best drugstore lightweight affordable moisturizer I  E-V-E-R used. Definitely this moisturizer is hands down my favorite moisturizer specially during summer season.I generally don’t like to change my skincare routine a lot but during summer my skin gets super oily and I always look for different oil control cleansers and moisturizers. So recently while I was visiting my nearest drugstores to buy certain skincare products I came across this little gem. Continue reading

The Balm The Manizer Sisters Review and Swatches

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My name is Arnakshi and this is my very first post on Cherries & Strawberries and its about the review of  The Manizer Sisters by The Balm Cosmetics.

When I first heard that the balm was releasing a palette of their “Manizer” Luminizers , I couldn’t have been more excited. I am always on the hunt for new highlighters , it just makes my makeup and skin look super healthy and youthful. So well, for the holiday season the Balm decided to release this cute little palette filled with all three of their famous powder highlights called The Manizer Sisters. The packaging of this little compact is  just breathtaking , it has the retro style pin up which we can see on their original compact. This travel friendly compact contains 3 grams of each product . The full sized versions retail $24.00 and contain about 8.5 grams of product , so to be able to try all three shades for $28 , I think that’s a STEAL ! So moving onto the actual review of each of the highlighters.  Continue reading