Jaclyn Hill Ride Or Die Make-up Tag (Drugstore Version)

Hello everybody!

Today I will not be doing any product reviews or skincare stuff but instead a makeup tag which is created by my most beloved youtuber Jaclyn Hill and this tag is named as “The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag” .  I literally have been seeing this makeup tag everywhere around and people are doing their versions of it. Those of you who are new to this tag let me first tell you what it is. This tag is basically a challenge to find all the holy grail products from our makeup stash form each category. Many beauty bloggers have done this and I am super excited to do my first makeup tag/challenge and this will be a drugstore version. It was really fun to do and also quite a challenge to choose like the holiest of holy grail products form my vanity. So read down below to find out what my ride or die makeup items are. Continue reading