The Benefits of Shaving your Face and how I do it.

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Well,by reading the title of this post it may sound a bit weird and you may be wondering like really girl, do you shave your face? And my answer is YES I do. To some people this may sound something completely new or astonishing but there are many people like me who follow this method to remove facial hairs. There are so many myths relating to this topic, so today in this post , I am going to go through all the benefits of shaving your face, how I do it and also clear out the myths regarding it. Continue reading

Coffee in my Skincare Routine

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Thanks for stopping by my blog. Today I have a very unusual skincare post which I discovered just a month ago. I never knew that coffee can be used as a skincare product too, sure I have used many stuffs from the kitchen self like honey, rice flour, baking soda for any DIY face masks or scrubs but never used coffee until I saw Alexandra using it as a clarifying face scrubin her channel. Caffeine in the coffee is known to have good skin benefits which cleanses the skin from within and helps to maintain a healthy glow. Now not only I love coffee as my morning drink but also as a skincare product.

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Makeup Revolution ~Beyond Flawless Eyeshadow Palette ~Review and Swatches

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In today’s post I will be sharing with you my opinions on the Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless eyeshadow and swatches. Makeup Revolution is a very well know drugstore brand that has amazing products at affordable prices. I have been loving Makeup Revolution Palettes nowadays and have been using them a lot. The colors in this palette looked so beautiful that I had to get it and also I am so much into neutral makeup look these days which temped me to buy this more. Continue reading