How to shop when you are on a budget?

Hello Everyone! Hope you are are doing great. I have been away from blogging for almost two months due to my exams but its good to be back after a short break and continue with writing posts as usual. 
The holiday season has arrived finally and treating yourself and your family with gifts can be hard when you are on a budget. And if you are a makeup lover like me then you know how expensive makeup can be sometimes. And honestly I am always on a budget always, and some drugstore brands which are not available in India is priced as much as some high-end brands due to custom charges and shipping. So definitely over time I have learned few tricks to shop while I am on a budget (which is always) and it has worked for me and helped me to grow my makeup collection. Even if you are someone who loves to shop for clothes or any other things, I hope these tricks helps you too cause it definitely has helped me a lot!

  • Make a wishlist

Making a wishlist is something I used to do long before but it never actually worked and I ended up having crappy items instead of the items that I really wanted. Not having a reasonable wishlist is as equal to not having a wishlist at all. When I know that I am on a budget, keeping NARS and Charlotte Tilbury or even items from Becca is useless as because even in a million years I can never own such expensive and luxury items. So now all I do is make two wishlist that I know I can achieve for real. One wishlist has items which I need to buy in a month and it contains all drugstore and affordable items and another wishlist is a yearly wishlist which has more high-end stuff and which I know I can buy through out the year. Keeping two wishlist actually balances out your purchases between high-end and drugstore items and you can own items not only from drugstore but from high-end brands as well.
  • Wait for a sale



Whenever you are buying items from the drugstore wait for a sale to happen and you can save some money and buy another item with that money. The best thing about drugstore products are that they are on sale very frequently. And if you want to get something from the high-end brands then wait for the black Friday sale or cyber Monday sale. Products are always on at-least 20% off during these sales and even during the Sephora VIB sale. So just wait for a sale, save some bucks and buy items that are on your wishlist. And buying many items at once actually helps you to save more and make sure to keep your money aside for these sales separately
  • Go for dupes


Dupes are products that are exactly the same like a high-end product in quality or color or either appearance with much less price tag. Buying dupe of high-end products actually helps to save a lot of money. Say you always wanted to have those knee high Steve Madden boots but having to spend so much money on it kept you from buying it,  going for a cheaper alternative which has got the same get up like those boots but with a much less price is actually a better option when you are broke.Today there are so many makeup dupes for high-end and even luxury brands like Laura Merceir, Tom Ford, Becca and many more. So find the right product for you and go for the dupe and save yourself some money unless you want to buy a certain product just for the name tag. But also going for dupes and using fake products has a significantly different meaning from one another. I would never recommended using fake products as because the ingredient list is not very good in those kind of products.
  • Do your research

Doing your research actually helps not only when you are on a budget but also when you are splurging on items. When you want to buy a certain item always see some reviews online and see if that particular product is going to suit you or not. I have bought items in the past which never worked for me and I know that I will have no use out of it ever again. Wasting money on products that are not going to work for you is just so frustrating. Although sometimes a product may fail you or disappoint you even after doing a lot of research but the chances are really very thin there. So knowing your items before you buy will help you save from disappointment and some money as well.
Being a girl is really high maintenance and we all  tend to shop even when we are broke. So I hope these tips will help you to shop when you are having a tight budget and save some of your money. Thank you for reading my blog, have a wonderful weekend and blissful holidays💓💓

With love


44 thoughts on “How to shop when you are on a budget?

  1. TheFallibleQueen says:

    Hsppy Holidays! I try my best to budget, waiting for a sale and doing my research has definitely helped me save money :). I have few higher end products and prefer drugstore brands.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. typicalteen701 says:

    I have to stop my impulse purchases,
    I will definitely be taking these into account when I next feel tempted to splurge XD . Great post 💜

    Liked by 2 people

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