The Balm The Manizer Sisters Review and Swatches

Hello everyone!

My name is Arnakshi and this is my very first post on Cherries & Strawberries and its about the review of  The Manizer Sisters by The Balm Cosmetics.

When I first heard that the balm was releasing a palette of their “Manizer” Luminizers , I couldn’t have been more excited. I am always on the hunt for new highlighters , it just makes my makeup and skin look super healthy and youthful. So well, for the holiday season the Balm decided to release this cute little palette filled with all three of their famous powder highlights called The Manizer Sisters. The packaging of this little compact is  just breathtaking , it has the retro style pin up which we can see on their original compact. This travel friendly compact contains 3 grams of each product . The full sized versions retail $24.00 and contain about 8.5 grams of product , so to be able to try all three shades for $28 , I think that’s a STEAL ! So moving onto the actual review of each of the highlighters. 


The Balm The Manizer Sisters Luminizers Palette



  • Mary-Lou-Manizer : This is a warm golden champagne shade that adds warmth to the skin and also creates the most beautiful glow ever. This highlighter is literally one of the best highlighters I ever used and I always seem to go to town with this as it is super pigmented. I have been wanting to get my hands on this for like ages now but when the Balm released this gem it really seemed silly to buy the product on its own when it comes with the two other highlighters. Mary-Lou is a cult favorite highlighter among the beauty bloggers and also many youtubers as well.


    Mary-Lou-Manizer from The Manizer Sisters

  • Cindy-Lou-Manizer : This is a light peachy-pink highlight with a gold undertone that contains multicolored shimmers. It gives the skin a slight bit of pink hued glow. I think it is perfect for pale skin beauties to use it as a blush too. But I personally like to use it as a layering highlighter for that extra pop of highlight on days when I want to look super glowy. It is very pigmented so a little goes a long way
    pink highlighter THE BALM.jpg

    Cindy-Lou-Manizer from The Manizer Sisters


  • Betty-Lou-Manizer : This highlighter is  a yellow/gold based warm shade with an orange undertone, which might not suit everyone. Betty Lou is a bit too shinny and shimmery to use as a bronzer alone so I like to mix  my matte bronzers with a tiny bit of this which instantly adds a luminous glow to my skin. The texture of this highlighter is on the dry side but it is very very pigmented and is easy to blend as well.

    Betty-Lou-Manizer from the Manizer Sisters

    manizer sister SWATCHES.jpg

    Swatches of all three highlighters from The Manizer Sisters Palette

The Manizer Sisters is definitely worth a try, especially if you haven’t tried any of their lou-manizers yet. This has been my go-to highlighting palette for the past few months. I certainly get a lot of use out of the Mary-lou only because it has a champagne undertone which I prefer more than pink and golden highlighters. Overall I recommend this palette to everyone who is a highlighter fan like me because you will get all the three shades in just one little palette.

The Balm The Manizer Sister is available on and

20 thoughts on “The Balm The Manizer Sisters Review and Swatches

  1. Diksha patgiri says:

    Nice… I will try it for sure babes… N this review has made it more easier for me now to use this product with no doubt😘


  2. infinitebeautybyc says:

    Ooh I have been wanting to try out different products by the Balm cosmetics. I might try this out I as don’t have many highlighters! Great review!

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